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A rent receipt form is a template that landlords or property management companies can use to quickly and easily create rent receipts for their tenants. The rent receipt documents the date of the rental period and includes a space for the name of the person making the payment and the name of the person who receives it. Both parties should keep a copy of the rent receipt for their records.

What is a Rent Receipt?

A rent receipt is a way for a landlord to provide a tenant with a receipt for paying their rent. It usually contains the dates of the transaction, the rental period, and the amount of the transaction.

Alternate Names for a Rent Receipt

Other names for this form include rent payment receipt, rental payment receipt, rent receipt letter, rent receipt form rent invoice letter, and rental receipt letter.

When and Why Should You Use a Rent Receipt? 

The Importance of Using a Rent Receipt Template:

  • Protection -- Providing as much documentation as possible protects both parties from potential legal problems. Once a lease is signed, the renter becomes locked to those terms. Rent receipts prove the lessee is paying for their rental on time and in full.
  • Proof -- Rent receipts provide proof of payment should legal disputes arise. Should a landlord claim that a tenant has been late on rent payments, or has neglected to pay rent, the tenant can pull out receipts that prove otherwise.
  • Good Business -- In addition to providing peace of mind, providing a rent receipt is simply a good business practice. As a landlord, good record keeping eliminates guesswork and allows you to quickly recall previous payments should you need to go back to your records. It’s also important to note that in many states, the landlord is required to provide a rent receipt upon payment, either every month or upon request. To be safe, make sure you obtain a rent receipt every month. In a court of law, “he said, she said” stands nowhere against documented proof.

Though rent receipts are legal documents, you don't need to seek legal advice or speak to an attorney to draft one. Examples of rent receipts can easily be found online. Some websites provide printable rent receipt templates that landlords can simply fill in the blank information and print for their tenants. However, a rent receipt is comprised of such basic, and straightforward information that one can easily create a printable rent receipt in Microsoft Word, Excel, or Pages (for Mac users). The components of a rent receipt are listed below so you can create your own.

What are the Components of a Rent Receipt Template?

Receipts are an often unwitting part of everyday purchases. They are handed over by grocery store cashiers and retail clerks only to form wads in purses, or accumulate in car cup-holders, eventually making their way into the garbage. However, the function of a receipt is an important one. Receipts provide proof that a payment has been made. For large or easily disputed transactions, receipts should be saved in both the payer and the recipient’s personal records. A rent receipt, for instance, is an important legal document that can be used as evidence of a tenant’s payment to their landlord in accordance with the terms of their rental agreement. Rent receipts should include the following:

  • The name of the payer
  • The recipient
  • The address and phone numbers of both parties
  • The amount of money being exchanged
  • The form of payment (whether cash, check, money order, or credit card)
  • A receipt number and date issued

Receipts make all transactions more comfortable. Both the payer and the recipient can be assured that their interests in the transaction are protected. In the case that the tenant’s payment is made via cash or a money order, a rent receipt may be the only record of the transaction. Furnishing the tenant with a receipt in such instances acknowledges that his or her payment has been received and will not be disputed in the future. Some states even require by law that landlords provide their tenants with free rent receipts. The documentation protects both parties from false claims that the transaction did or did not take place. Using a receipt maker is a simple measure to ensure that a rental agreement proceeds professionally and without dispute.

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