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A rent receipt usually has two copies: one rent receipt is given to the person who paid while the other rent receipt is kept by the landlord for their records.

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Rent Receipt: What Is It?

A Rent Receipt is a way for a landlord to provide a tenant with a receipt for paying their rent. It usually contains the dates of the transaction, the rental period, and the amount of the transaction. 

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The Importance of Using a Rent Receipt Template

In a landlord-tenant relationship, it is important to provide as much documentation as possible to protect both parties from potential legal problems later on. Once the lease is signed and the tenancy is underway, one crucial piece of documentation is a rent receipt filled out by the landlord and received by the tenant every month .

Unfortunately, this is something that is often overlooked by both the landlord and tenant on a regular basis. After all, many payments are simply made via check or money order and placed in a drop box after hours when it is convenient for the tenant. These circumstances can make obtaining a rent receipt seem like a hassle for both the receipt maker and the recipient, but the benefits of using a receipt template far outweigh the additional effort.

Whenever a legal dispute arises regarding tenancy or payment, the rent receipt is of utmost importance. In some cases, when rent was paid via cash or money order, it is the only proof that the provisions of the lease were met. Sometimes, the tenant will claim to have paid rent that the landlord claims they never received. A few examples would be when a landlord needs to evict a tenant for non-payment of rents, or a tenant has a landlord who is attempting to collect multiple rents beyond those provided for in the lease agreement. In these instances, the use of a receipt maker protects the truthful party and provides legal proof of those claims. Rent receipts are also useful for tenants who need to provide proof of their expenses for financial aid or other reasons.

Whether you’re the landlord or tenant, it’s important to know what information should be included on a rent receipt for full legal protection. Common sense tells us that certain information, like the name of the tenant and the payment amount, should be included – but other information is important, as well. Ideally, a receipt template should make clear what rental unit the payment is being applied to, and the name of the landlord or company that owns the unit. In addition to the payment amount, the receipt maker should include the form of payment (a check number if applicable), the date of payment and what month or months the payment is for. For instance, if one third of the payment is being applied to arrears rent, that should be noted. Lastly, it is important that the landlord or landlord’s agent sign the rent receipt template.

Providing rent receipts is quite simply a good and safe business practice that is made easy for both parties by a receipt template or receipt maker. And, in most states, the landlord is required to provide a rent receipt to the tenant upon payment, either every month or by request of the tenant. So be sure to provide or obtain a rental receipt every month for legal protection and peace of mind.

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