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Michigan Non-Compete Agreement: What Is It?

A non-compete agreement Michigan is a legal document that allows employers and business partners to receive a written promise from an employee that they will not disclose trade secrets and business practices of the company to competitors. Non-compete agreements often restrict an employee’s ability to work in similar positions for a certain time period or within a geographical location after employment with the original company ends. For example, Company A may require that employees will not work for Company B, a direct competitor, for two years after employment with Company A ends.

Michigan Non-Compete Laws - § 445.774a

Unlike many states that either disfavor non-compete agreements altogether, or favor the employer, according to Michigan Law, a non-compete must be fair to both parties. If the document is found to be unfair in the restrictions or expectations of either party, the state reserves the right to step in and limit the stipulations of the contract.

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