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Michigan Sublease Agreement: What Is It?

A Michigan sublease agreement is a legal document that lays out an agreement between two tenants. In a sublease agreement, the original tenant, known as the sublessor, leases the apartment to someone else, known as a sublessee. This usually happens when the original tenant must leave the rental for a period of time. This can be for any reason, from work-related relocations to family emergencies, however, subleasing a rental means that the sublessor does not have to break the lease with the landlord and it also means that they do not have to pay rent in two locations. Once the sublease agreement is in place, the sublessee will move into the rental and pay rent just as the sublessor did. One interesting fact about sublease agreements is that although the sublessee will replace the tenant and pay rent as him or her, the sublessee does not assume the same legal responsibility for the rental. If any rent payments are missed, or if any damage occurs to the rental, the sublessor, who is the original signer of the lease, will be held responsible.

Michigan Sublease Laws

According to Michigan Tenant/Landlord laws, a tenant’s ability to sublease their rental depends on the provisions that their landlord allows. If a landlord says in the rental agreement that subletting is not allowed, then subletting is not allowed. However, if the lease says nothing about it, then the tenant must obtain written permission from the landlord or property manager.

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