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What Is a Mississippi Lease Agreement?

A Mississippi lease agreement may be a legally binding contract between a property owner and the person who wants to lease the property (commonly referred to as a tenant). Generally, the property being leased is either residential or commercial in nature. A Mississippi lease agreement must comply with the landlord-tenant laws of the state.

The Most Commonly Used Mississippi Lease Agreements

The most commonly used Mississippi lease agreements are the commercial lease agreement, a standard residential lease agreement, a lease to own agreement, a sublease agreement, and a roommate agreement.

How to Write a Standard Mississippi Lease Agreement

Since a standard Mississippi lease agreement is the most commonly used residential agreement, we’re going to tell you the information that you must include if you draft your own.

First, you must define the parties:

  • Full name of the landlord and the landlord’s address
  • The full name of each tenant who will live on the property
  • The full name of any occupant that will live on the party
  • The city and state where the leased property is located

Next, you’ll include an offer to rent:

  • List the type of residence that’s being leased
  • Include the mailing address of the property
  • List the number of bathrooms and bedrooms
  • Explain the purpose of the lease
  • List which furnishings, if any, the landlord will include for the use of the tenants
  • List which appliances the landlord provides

Create a paragraph known as "Lease Term." It should include:

  • The date the lease begins
  • The date the lease ends

Create a section to explain the rent:

  • Include the amount of rent that will be paid each month
  • List the date that rent should be paid each month
  • Explain how the rent can be paid and where the payment should be made
  • Explain whether you’ll charge an NSF fee and the amount of the fee
  • List the amount of any late fee you’ll charge
  • If you don’t charge a late fee, that should be stated in the lease
  • List the amount paid for first month’s rent
  • If a pre-payment was made, enter the amount that was paid and the early move in date
  • List the amount you received as the security deposit. Explain the number of days the tenant will likely wait to get the deposit back after they’ve left the property.

Other clauses you may want to use in a standard Mississippi lease agreement include:

  • Possession of the property
  • Access to the property
  • Move-In Inspection
  • Subletting of the property
  • Abandonment of the property
  • Parking
  • Right of entry for the landlord or their authorized agent
  • Which utilities, if any, the landlord will pay for
  • Maintenance, repairs, and alteration requests and needs
  • How the lease may be terminated early
  • Whether pets are allowed and any restrictions and deposits required
  • A guests policy
  • Whether smoking is allowed on the premises
  • How disputes will be handled
  • How notice may be made to both the landlord and the tenant

A Mississippi lease agreement must be dated and signed by both the landlord and the tenant or it is not legally binding. After the parties sign the agreement, they should each receive a copy of it for their records.

What Disclosures Must Be Made in a Mississippi Lease Agreement?

There are no disclosures required for a Mississippi lease agreement except for a lead paint disclosure which is required by federal law for residential units built before 1978.

What You Need to Know about Mississippi Lease Agreement Deposits

The State of Mississippi does not limit the amount that a landlord may request as a security deposit. However, the landlord must return the security deposit within 45 of the end of the lease.

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