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What Is a Nevada Month-to-Month Lease Agreement?

A Nevada month-to-month lease agreement is a short-term rental agreement creating a tenancy arrangement between the landlord and tenant. The agreement may be as short as 30 days. However, it may be quite beneficial for both parties and be extended for as long as both parties deem necessary.

A month-to-month rental agreement must comply with Nevada landlord-tenant law. A short-term lease must include the same provisions as a fixed-term lease, including:

  • The amount of the monthly rent and when it is due
  • The late fee amount
  • The amount of the security deposit
  • Rent increases
  • Whether subletting the rental property is allowed
  • Occupancy information
  • The parking policy
  • Pet policy
  • The notice period for lease termination for the tenant to move out
  • How to deliver a written notice
  • Information regarding eviction

What Laws Apply to Nevada Month-to-Month Lease Agreements?

Month-to-month lease agreements are governed by Nevada state law Chapter 40 Actions and Proceedings in Particular Cases Concerning Property and Chapter 118 Discrimination in Housing; Landlord and Tenant. These state laws, abbreviated as NRS, limit the amount of security deposit that a landlord can charge a tenant. The security deposit may be no more than three months’ rent. When the move-out occurs, the landlord must return the security deposit within 30 days. Under §118A.242, the landlord may use the security deposit to cover any missing payment of rent, repair damages to the rental unit that goes beyond normal wear and tear, or cleaning the unit.  

Before getting involved in leasing real estate, landlords and property managers should seek legal advice to understand Nevada law and federal laws. Rental lease agreements create both obligations for tenants and give tenants rights that cannot be violated.

Terminating a Nevada Month-to-Month Lease Agreement

According to §40.251, the notice period for lease termination of a month-to-month residential lease agreement is 30 days. It must be a written notice.

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