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North Carolina Month to Month Lease Agreement: What Is It?

In North Carolina, a month to month lease agreement is a document that landlords use to secure a tenant into a rental for a period of one month. One appealing highlight about month to month leases is the flexibility for both the landlord and the tenant. Many landlords prefer long term leases because of the possibility of having to search for new tenants often, however, month to month leases can be very beneficial for both landlords and tenants. For landlords, month to month leases mean that they don't have to wait until the end of a long term agreement to make any changes in tenancy or rent. For tenants, this means that they’re not locked into a long term agreement and are free to move when they get ready, as long as they give sufficient notice.

North Carolina Month to Month Lease Laws - §42-14

Minimum Termination Period in North Carolina - 7 Days

In the state of North Carolina, where a month to month lease is involved, the tenant or landlord is only obligated to provide a 7-day termination letter. This notice, also known as a notice to quit, must be provided at least 60 days in advance anytime a manufactured home is involved as defined by law.

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