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West Virginia Non-Compete Agreement: What Is It?

A West Virginia non-compete agreement is a document that allows companies and businesses to protect their business interests by obtaining a written promise from their employees. This written promise states the details regarding the fact that the employee may become privy to some of the companies trade secrets and can leak this information to competitors. In a non-compete agreement, the employee promises to refrain from working with competitors for a period of time and/or within a certain geographic region.

West Virginia Non-Compete Laws - W. Va. Code §§ 47-11E-1 to 47-11E-5

West Virginia’s non-compete laws zero in on agreements with physicians. The law states that non-compete agreements with physicians may not enter into an agreement that lasts longer than one (1) year, and can be no more than 25 road miles from the physician's primary place of employment.

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Sample West Virginia Non-Compete Agreement

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Sample West Virginia Non-Compete Agreement