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What Is a West Virginia Month-to-Month Lease Agreement?

A West Virginia month-to-month lease agreement is a rental agreement between the landlord and tenant enabling the tenant to pay the monthly rent for the rental property for an indefinite period of time. It is technically a short-term rental agreement although it can last for as long as either party wants it to continue. Similar to a yearly lease agreement, month-to-month lease agreements must comply with landlord-tenant laws. They should address the monthly rent amount, late fees, subletting, notice period, eviction process, security deposit information, pet notice, occupancy, rent increase information, where rent payments should be made, and all of the other clauses found in a long-term rental agreement for a residential lease agreement.

What Laws Apply to a West Virginia Month-to-Month Lease Agreement?

West Virginia’s landlord-tenant laws are located in § 37-6-5, housed in their Real Property Chapter. This section of West Virginia law explains multiple tenets related to rental agreements, including month-to-month rental agreements. Article 6A covers security deposits, including when they must be returned after the renter moves out an eviction takes place.

It is important that both parties comply with state laws, including providing the proper amount of days’ notice when required for specific actions such as a lease termination of a month-to-month tenancy.

Terminating a West Virginia Month-to-Month Lease Agreement

A termination notice period for short-term lease agreements requires a 30 day written notice according to §37-6-5, Notice to Terminate Tenancy.

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