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California Rental Application: What Is It?

In the state of California, a rental application is used as a means to collect all of an applicant’s information to help the landlord find the most desirable applicant. Not only does a rental application a make the process of finding a tenant simpler and more efficient, but it also helps the potential applicant by ensuring that the landlord collects information from everyone in a uniform and non-discriminatory fashion. Information collected generally includes the applicant’s full name, address, social security number, and other personal information. Generally, a credit check is employed to ensure that an applicant is financially stable and responsible enough to be a reliable tenant.

California Rental Application Laws

In California, a landlord may not demand more than two (2) months rent for unfurnished residential property. For furnished rentals, a landlord may not demand more than three (3) months rent for a security deposit (Cal. Civ. Code §§1950.5, 1940.5(g)).

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