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Louisiana Rental Application: What Is It?

In Louisiana, a rental application is a vital part of a landlord screening potential tenants for a rental property or apartment. A rental application allows a landlord to choose the best possible applicant by letting the landlord see personal and detailed information on the applicant. Some of the information shared includes the applicant’s full name, current address, and income specifications, but goes deeper and requests information such as the applicant’s social security number, income specifics such as pay stubs, or bank statements. While this information may seem invasive to the applicant, it is necessary for the landlord to ensure that the potential tenant will be able to pay monthly rent. In addition, there is generally a fee associated with the submission of each application. Some landlords may charge $25 per application, but some charge as much as $75.

Applicable Laws

Louisiana does not have any laws that set a cap on security deposits, but it does cover when the deposit must be returned. According to Louisiana law, the landlord must return the tenants deposit to later than 30 days after the lease has been terminated. However, a landlord may retain all or part of this deposit to cover any damage to the property or fees that the renter may owe. If the landlord is deducting any fees from the tenant's deposit, he or she must send an itemized list that accounts for each fee and its amount. Also, the tenant must provide the landlord with a forwarding address to receive his or her deposit back (Louisiana Revised Statutes Annotated § 9:3251).

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