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Maryland Month to Month Lease Agreement: What Is It?

In Maryland, a month to month lease agreement is a legal contract that landlords use to officiate a lease agreement between them and a tenant. The reason that this type of agreement is called a month to month agreement is that rather than the lease agreement being for a period of 12 months, the lease is only valid for one month. This means that the tenant and landlord are only signing a one-month commitment, and can cancel at any time as long as they give sufficient notice. Month to month lease agreements are just like their long-term counterparts, they outline specific terms of the agreement such as the amount of rent to be paid, due dates, and rules of occupancy.

Maryland Month to Month Lease Laws - § 8-402

Minimum Notice in Maryland - 30 Days

According to tenant laws in the state of Maryland, a landlord or tenant who wishes to terminate a lease must provide at least a 30-day notice. In addition, this notice must be written and delivered to the receiving party at least 30 days before the lease is to be terminated.

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