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Maryland Rental Application: What Is It?

A rental application in Maryland allows landlords to find the most ideal tenant for their rental by looking into their financial and rental history. In addition an applicants income, the landlord can see if the applicant has had any previous bankruptcies or evictions. A rental application is also beneficial to a prospective tenant, as these forms must comply with federal fair housing laws that ensure that no one is discriminated against due to their race, religion, color, creed, weight, disability, or sexual orientation. Submitting a rental application to a landlord usually requires a fee that can range greatly, however, fees tend to cost between $25-75.

Security Deposit Laws

Maryland allows landlords to require a deposit of 2 (two) months rent and must return this deposit within 45 days after the lease is terminated. Additionally, landlords must payback interest on deposits greater than $50 at 1.5% interest or the current rate at the U.S Treasury, whichever is greater (Md. Code Ann. [Real Prop.] § 8-203, § 8-203.1, § 8-208)

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