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Minnesota Sublease Agreement: What Is It?

In Minnesota, a sublease agreement defines the specific agreement between a sublessor and a sublessee. In this type of agreement, the sublessor is an individual who rents an apartment and must vacate the apartment for a period of time. This can be perhaps because of a family emergency, or because of a temporary relocation. When the situation arises, the tenant will seek out another tenant to rent the unit in their place. This method is much easier and cheaper than breaking the lease or paying rent in two locations. Once the sublessee moves into the unit, he or she will live as the sublessor did, paying rent on time and abiding by the rules of occupancy. However, if the sublessee fails to pay rent on time or causes damages to the property, it is the sublessor, the original tenant on the lease, who will be responsible for any penalties, fines, damages, and late rent.

Minnesota Sublease Agreement Laws

As with most other states, the ability to sublease lies solely in the wording of a tenant’s lease. If the lease prohibits subletting, then the tenant has few options. If the lease says nothing, then the tenant must get approval from the landlord along with written permission.

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