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Minnesota Rental Application: What Is It?

A residential rental application is a means of a landlord collecting information from prospective tenants. A good rental application is thorough and asks the proper questions without violating the applicant’s rights or state laws, all while collecting enough information to allow the landlord to make a more knowledgeable decision on the most ideal tenant. A rental application will ask general questions like the applicant's full name, and current address, but will dive deeper, asking personal questions about bankruptcies, and previous evictions.

Minnesota Laws

The state of Minnesota has no laws that set a limit on what landlords may require for security deposits, however, some cities and counties do have these limits in place. Whatever the deposit amount, landlords must pay tenants interest on their tenant's deposits at a rate of 1%. Additionally, when a tenant’s lease is terminated or it ends and they vacate the property, the landlord must return the deposit to him or her in no more than 21 days (Minnesota Statutes Annotated § § 504B.175, 504B.178, and 504B.195).

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