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What Is a Montana Month-to-Month Lease Agreement?

A Montana month-to-month lease agreement is a short-term rental agreement between the landlord and tenant. It can last as little as 30 days. The tenancy arrangement may also last indefinitely if it works out well. A month-to-month rental agreement is very flexible.

A month-to-month lease must comply with Montana landlord tenant laws. Additionally, it must include the same provisions as a one year lease, including:

  • The amount of the monthly rent and when it was due
  • The late fee amount
  • The security deposit amount
  • Rent increases
  • Whether subletting is allowed by the renter
  • Whether the renter is required to care for the common areas
  • Occupancy information for the rental property
  • Parking policy
  • Pet policy
  • The notice period for lease termination for the tenant to move out
  • How to deliver a written notice
  • Eviction information

What Laws Apply to Montana Month-to-Month Leases?

Montana month-to-month lease agreements are governed by Montana Code Title 70 Chapter 24 Residential Landlord and Tenant Act of 1977, Chapter 25 Residential Tenants’ Security Deposits, Chapter 26 Landlord and Tenant Residential and Commercial, and Chapter 27 Forcible Entry and Detainer Unlawful Detainer. State laws in Montana do not limit the amount that a landlord can charge tenants. However, the landlord must return the tenant’s security deposit within ten days of the move out if there are no damages, no cleaning that must be done, and nonpayment of rent or unpaid utilities.  

Landlords and property managers must understand Montana law before entering into residential lease agreements. These agreements are legal documents that create both responsibilities and rights for the parties involved in the term lease. Seeking advice will help protect your legal interest in real estate and educate you on your rights and the tenant's rights.

Terminating a Montana Month to Month Lease Agreement

According to the Montana Attorney General’s website that addresses landlord-tenant information, the notice period for a month-to-month lease agreement is 30 days. The website advises that it be a written notice.

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