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What Is an Oregon Lease Agreement?

An Oregon lease agreement is a written legal contract between the landlord and the tenant. It explains the duties that both the landlord and the tenant have in relation to the leased property. All Oregon lease agreements should comply with Oregon's landlord-tenant laws.

The Most Commonly Used Oregon Lease Agreements

The most commonly used Oregon lease agreements are the standard residential agreements, the month-to-month agreement, the roommate agreement, a lease to own agreement, a sublet agreement, and a commercial lease agreement.

How to Write a Standard Oregon Lease Agreement

You should include the following information in a standard Oregon lease agreement:

  • The name and address of the landlord
  • The name and address of the tenant
  • The name of each occupant who will live on the premises
  • An “Offer to Rent” that defines the type of property, lists the address, lists the number of bedrooms, and lists the number of bathrooms
  • Whether the residential unit is furnished or includes appliances. If so, the lease should list which furnishings or appliances are provided
  • The date the lease term begins and the date that it ends
  • The amount of rent that must be paid each month, the date it is due, how it should be paid, and where the rent payment should be made
  • Whether the landlord will charge for late fees or NSF fees
  • The amount paid as first month’s rent
  • Whether any prorated funds were paid so that the tenant could move in early
  • The amount provided as a security deposit
  • Whether subletting is allowed
  • Property abandonment
  • Whether parking is assigned
  • What will happen if the property is sold
  • The landlord’s right to entry with proper notice
  • Which utilities the landlord will pay and which the tenant will pay
  • How the tenant may request repairs
  • Whether early termination is possible
  • If pets are allowed
  • If smoking is allowed
  • How the tenant may surrender the property
  • Whether waterbeds are allowed
  • A space for an address for both the tenant and landlord so they may receive legal notices
  • A space for the name and address of any agent or manager allowed to act on behalf of the landlord

The lease agreement must be signed by both parties for it to be legally binding

What Disclosures Must Be Made in Oregon Lease Agreements?

There are several disclosures that must be made in Oregon lease agreements:

  • The landlord must disclose whether anyone can act on their behalf or allowed into the leased premises on their behalf.
  • The landlord must disclose if the property has a carbon monoxide source such as a heater or appliance. If so, they must include carbon monoxide alarms. Battery operated alarms must have the batteries provided by the landlord.
  • The NSF, if charged, must be mentioned in the lease. It may not exceed $35.
  • If the property is in the 100-year flood plain, that must be disclosed to the tenant.
  • The landlord must disclose outstanding notices and pending lawsuits to the tenant if the property has four or fewer residential units.
  • If the building has four or more units and is in the Urban Growth Boundary, the landlord must provide information on recycling.
  • Landlords must provide a Smoking Policy Guide. It must be initialed and signed by the tenant
  • It must be disclosed to the tenant if the landlord or other tenants benefit from fees paid.
  • If the residential unit was built before 1978, the landlord must disclose the possibility of lead paint.

The landlord must provide at least 24 hours of notice to the tenant before they enter the property for a non-emergency reason.

What You Need to Know about Oregon Lease Deposits

This is no maximum on how much money a landlord may request as a security deposit. The landlord must return the security deposit within 31 days of the end of the lease.

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