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Oregon Last Will and Testament: What Is It?

In the state of Oregon, a Last Will and Testament allows a Testator (the person who will be distributing their assets) to designate, in writing, what they wish to do with their assets, belongings, and property once they pass away. According to Oregon Law, this document is legal once two Witnesses sign (who both can attest to seeing the Testator sign the Will), and it is notarized.

Other Names

A Last Will and Testament is also referred to as a “Last Will” or a “Will”.

Parties Involved:

Grantor - The Grantor, also known as the Testator, is the individual or couple whose personal and real property will be distributed once they pass away.

Beneficiary - This is the term used to identify the individual or individuals receiving the grantors personal or real property.

Witness - This is a person who signs the Will, attesting that the grantor is drafting this Will is of sound mind. Most states require two (2) witnesses who are not named on the will as beneficiaries for the document to be up to state standards.

State Specific

Each state has its own set of laws, definitions, and signing requirements that relate to last will and testament documents. Below, these specifics are defined for the state of Oregon.

Laws - Chapter 112 (Intestate Succession and Wills)

Witnesses - According to ORS 112.235, the Will must be signed by two (2) witnesses who both see the Testator sign the will.

How to Write an Oregon Last Will and Testament

Input your specific information in the sections below:

  • Basic Information about the Testator
    • Name
    • City and county
    • Gender
  • Marital Status
    • Spouses name
  • Children, Pets, Property, and Life Insurance
  • Amounts/Benefits for Children
  • Establish a Trust for Someone
    • Setting up a Trust for someone who is special needs or someone who receives Medicaid or SSI
  • Establish Age Brackets on Children’s Inheritance
    • Age they will begin receiving benefits
    • Age that benefits will end
    • The portion or percentage that will be received
  • Funeral Home Arrangements
    • Name and address of the funeral home you’ve made arrangements with
  • Last Meal Specifications
    • List specifications for any last meal wishes
  • Appoint the following over your Will:
    • Executor - the person who will execute your Will
    • Trustee - this is the person who will distribute your assets out of a Trust
    • Digital Executor - this person will be in charge of your digital assets
    • Guardian for Minor Children - this is someone you trust who will act as Guardian over your children
    • Additional Beneficiaries - if there are more people you’d like to include in your Will, add them here
  • Name Disinherited Persons
    • Name the person or people you’d like to remove from your Will or disinherit
  • Provide Contact Information for Your Witnesses

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