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Wisconsin Last Will and Testament: What Is It?

In the state of Wisconsin, a Last Will is a document that clearly expresses a person’s wishes as to what they want to do with their assets, belongings, and property once they pass away. For example, this document can allow their a Testator’s children to inherit their entire estate, specifically naming who receives what, without worry that someone may come in and take the assets. Furthermore, these documents are legally enforceable, as long as the law is followed. In Wisconsin, a Last Will can be held up in court as long as it is notarized and signed by two witnesses.

Wisconsin State Laws

State Specific

Each state has its own set of laws, definitions, and signing requirements that relate to last will and testament documents. Below, these specifics are defined for the state of Wisconsin.

Definition of Will - §851.31

Laws - Chapter 853 (Wills)

Witnesses - According to §853.03, the Will must be signed by two (2) Witnesses.

How to Write a Wisconsin Last Will and Testament

Here are the sections covered in your Wisconsin Last Will

  • Your Information
    • Name, Gender, city, and county of residence
  • Marital Status
    • Declare your marital status, name your spouse and whether or not he or she will be a beneficiary
  • Provide information on your children, pets, property, and life insurance
    • Include specific information such as addresses, policy numbers, etc.
  • Give Inheritance Specifics
  • Set up a Trust for Someone
  • List Provisions on Inheritance Terms
  • Funeral Home Arrangements
  • Last Meal Specifications
  • Your Executor
  • Your Trustee
  • Your Digital Executor
  • Guardian for your Children
  • Name Disinherited Individuals
  • Name Additional Beneficiaries
  • Provide Witness Contact Information

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