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Alabama Sublease Agreement: What Is It?

In Alabama, a sublease agreement is a mutual agreement between a tenant who is currently living in a rental, and an incoming tenant who will take his or her place for a period of time. In a sublease agreement, the new tenant (known as the sublessee) will pay rent, live in the rental, and follow the rules of occupancy just as the original tenant (known as the sublessor) would for a certain period of time. When initiating a sublease agreement, it is important for the sublessor to check with the landlord to ensure that subleasing is allowed. Some leases require written consent from the landlord, and may also require the sublessee to go through a background check to receive landlord approval.

State Laws

Title 35 Chapter 9A of Alabama State Law allows tenants to live in a space based on the lease agreement that the principal tenant has with the landlord, as long as the original lease permits subleasing. If the original lease does not mention subleasing, then the landlord’s permission is required.

Additionally, an Alabama sublease must adhere to the following laws:

  • The most that a lessee or sublessee may be charged for a security deposit is one (1) month’s rent. Additionally, this amount must be refunded to the lessee or sublessee within sixty (60) days after the agreement has ended.
  • The lease agreement must state the landlord or manager’s name and contact information.
  • A Lead-Based Paint Disclosure Form must be provided to the lessee or sublessee if the residence was built prior to 1978.

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