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Arkansas Sublease Agreement: What Is It?

In Arkansas, a sublease agreement is a legal document that provides a legal record of an agreement between two tenants; a sublessor and a sublessee. This type of agreement would come into play when the sublessor (the original tenant whose name is on the lease) perhaps needs to leave town for a period of time or is moving into a permanent home. Instead of breaking the lease with the landlord, which can be very costly, the sublessor would seek out a sublessee, a tenant who will live in his or her place for a period of time, or for the duration of the lease. In order for this type of agreement to move forward, the sublessor must have permission from the landlord to ensure that no problems will arise once the sublessee has moved in. Furthermore, it is important for the sublessor to fully vet and verify the sublessee, as the original tenant’s name will remain on the lease. This means that if any damage to the unit occurs, or if any rent payments are late, the original tenant will be held responsible.

Arkansas Sublease Laws

The state of Arkansas does not have any specific laws that direct how sublease agreements should be handled, however, Arkansas Landlord Tenant Rights specifies that any tenant who entertains entering into a sublease agreement should receive written permission from the landlord beforehand.

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