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Connecticut Non-Compete Agreement: What Is It?

A non-compete agreement in the state of Connecticut is a way that businesses use to protect their trade secrets and intellectual property. Employers, business owners, and business partners to ensure that the company or business maintains its competitive edge against other companies in the same industry. Although Connecticut doesn’t have any specific laws that enforce non-compete agreements, the state does have laws that restrict the use of these agreements.

Connecticut Non-Compete Laws - §§ 31-50a through 31-50b

Connecticut restricts the use of non-compete agreements toward the following professionals:

  • Security Guards - Connecticut does not allow employers to require security guards to sign non-compete agreements that restrict their ability to find similar employment.
  • Broadcast Industry Workers - The state dictates that no worker that is employed in the broadcast industry can be forbidden from securing employment with another network or station within a certain geographical location or region after the industry worker’s employment is terminated.
  • Physicians - The state dictates that no physician shall only be required to sign non-compete agreements unless it is absolutely necessary to protect a legitimate business interest. Furthermore, these non-compete agreements must be reasonable in time, scope, and geographic limitation.

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