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Kentucky Last Will and Testament: What Is It?

In the state of Kentucky, a Last Will and Testament is an important part of estate planning that helps a person (known as a Testator) to legally pass their assets down to their beneficiaries and protect their beneficiaries from others taking what they are supposed to inherit. In the state of Kentucky, this document must be witnessed by two different, competent individuals, as well as notarized by a Notary Public.

State Specific

Here are the laws that govern Last Will and Testament Documents:

Definition of Will - §394.010

Laws - Chapter 394 of the Kentucky Revised Statutes

Witnesses - According to §394.040, the Will must be signed by two (2) witnesses who are both in the presence of the Testator when he or she signs.

How to Write a Kentucky Last Will and Testament

Be sure to fill out the following titled sections

  • Your Information
  • Your Marital Status (if applicable, describe whether or not your spouse will be named as a beneficiary)
  • Children, Pets, and Life Insurance
    • Provide information on these topics pertinent to your situation
  • Inheritance Amounts
  • Establishing a Trust
    • Setting up a trust for those who require special care, such as those who deal with mental illness or a physical disbability can prevent any eligibilities issues with them receiving Supplemental Security Income or Medicaid benefits.
  • Establish Inheritance Guidelines
    • This includes the portion and the age children will be when benefits start and stop.
  • Funeral Home Arrangements
  • Last Meal Specifications or Requests
  • Appoint Your Executor
  • Appoint Your Trustee
  • Appoint Your Digital Executor
  • Appoint a Guardian for Minor Children
  • Name Additional Beneficiaries
  • Name any Additional Beneficiaries
  • Name any Disinherited Individuals
  • Provide Witness Information

Remember to have your Witnesses sign your Will, attesting that they’ve seen you draft this document are of sound mind. Additionally, be sure to have your Will notarized by a Notary Public.

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