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What Is a Pennsylvania Lease Agreement?

A Pennsylvania lease agreement is a written agreement between a landlord and a tenant. It may be legally binding. The landlord agrees to lease the mentioned property to the tenant. The tenant promises to pay a certain amount of money to use the property. All Pennsylvania lease agreements must adhere to the Landlord and Tenant Act of 1951.

The Most Commonly Used Pennsylvania Lease Agreements

The most commonly used Pennsylvania lease agreements are standard residential lease agreements, month-to-month leases, roommate agreements, subleasing agreements, and commercial lease agreements.

How to Write a Standard Pennsylvania Lease Agreement

A standard Pennsylvania lease agreement should include:

  • The date the lease agreement is created
  • The landlord’s name and address
  • The tenant’s name and address
  • The address of the leased property
  • The condition of the property when the tenant takes possession
  • The amount of security deposit paid
  • Whether the landlord will pay any utilities
  • The name of any occupants
  • Whether waterbeds or aquariums are allowed
  • The amount of rent to be paid each month, the due date, the forms of payment accepted, and where the rent payment may be made
  • How the tenant can request repairs
  • The responsibilities of the tenant
  • The responsibilities of the landlord
  • The rights of the landlord
  • What is considered abandonment of the property
  • Whether the tenant may transfer the lease to another person
  • What happens if the property is sold
  • A space for an address for both the landlord and the tenant where they may receive legal notices
  • Whether pets are allowed

The signature of the landlord and the signature of the tenant. The signatures must be dated.

What Disclosures Must Be Made in Pennsylvania Lease Agreements?

The only disclosure that must be made is for lead based paint in residential units built before 1978.

What You Need to Know about Pennsylvania Lease Deposits

The landlord may not request more than two months’ worth of rent as a security deposit. The security deposit must be returned to the tenant within 30 days of the end of the lease. If the landlord keeps funds for repairs, they must provide an itemized list of deductions.

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