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Utah Month to Month Lease Agreement: What Is It?

In Utah, a month to month lease agreement is a document that landlords use to rent a property or apartment on a month to month basis rather subjecting the tenant to a yearlong commitment. Contrasting from a traditional one year lease, a month to month lease only covers the agreement for one month at a time, and renews automatically at the beginning of each month. Just like a long term lease agreement, a month to month lease will specify the terms of occupancy such as the amount of rent due, the date the rent is due, and other terms such as late fees, parking, and rules of occupancy. What is also unique about month to month leases is that they can be changed. For example, a landlord can raise the rent with just a 30-day notice, as opposed to a year-long lease where the rent amount is locked in for one year. Once either party is ready to terminate the agreement, he or she must give written notice at least 30 days in advance.

Month to Month Lease Laws in Utah - § 78B-6-802

Minimum Termination Period - 15 Days

The state of Utah requires a 15-day notice to terminate a month to month lease. If a tenant or a landlord wishes to terminate a lease agreement, then he or she must send a written termination letter at least 15 days before the lease termination will take effect.

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