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Alaska Sublease Agreement: What Is It?

In Alaska, a sublease agreement is a legal document that officiates an agreement between a sublessor (the original tenant) and a sublessee (the incoming tenant who will replace the sublessor). These types of agreements organize the mutual understanding that the original tenant will be absent from the rental for a period of time, and the incoming tenant will take his or her place, paying rent and living in the unit for an agreed-to period of time. Sometimes this agreement may be for a month or two, but can also last for the remainder of the lease. Though the sublessee may resume rent payments and live in the rental, it is important to note that the original tenant is still responsible should any damage occur, as it is his or her security deposit is still being held with the landlord. When utilizing a sublease agreement, it is vital to have the landlord’s written permission before moving forward.

Other Names:

A sublease contract is often referred to as a sublease contract, a sublet contract, or a residential sublease agreement

Sublease Laws in Alaska - AS 34.03.60

In Alaska, a sublease agreement must be in writing; it cannot be a verbal agreement. Furthermore, it is against the law for a sublease to occur without the landlord’s consent.

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