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Idaho Living Will: What Is It?

An Idaho living will is an estate planning tool that documents your wishes related to medical care. Additionally, an Idaho living will is used to name someone to make your medical decisions if you can no longer do it for any reasons. Your named agent cannot be your doctor, an employee of your doctor (unless they are related to you by marriage, blood or adoption), an operator of a community care facility, or an employee of a community care facility (unless they are related to you by marriage, blood, or adoption). An Idaho living will does not need to be witnessed or notarized, but having it witnessed or notarized can reduce the likelihood that the document is thrown out.

Idaho Living Wills Law

Title 39, Chapter 45: The Medical Consent and Natural Death Act explains that any competent person may create a living will for healthcare decisions. The law also provides a draft of a living will.

An Idaho living will gives you the opportunity to make your wishes known only related to your healthcare. To explain your wishes for your assets and to name a guardian for any minor children, you should create an Idaho Last Will and Testament.

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