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Idaho Sublease Agreement: What Is It?

In Idaho, a sublease agreement is a legal document that is used to document a tenancy agreement between two parties; a sublessor (the original tenant) and a sublessee (the new tenant moving in). Sublease agreements lay out the agreement between the two tenants establishing the fact that the sublessee will be moving into the rental and paying rent for a predetermined amount of time. These agreements can last anywhere from one month to the duration of the lease, and sometimes go beyond that. Although the sublessee will pay rent and live in the unit as the sublessor did, the sublessor’s name remains on the lease and will still be held responsible if any damage occurs to the property or if the sublessee fails to pay rent on time, the sublessor will be held accountable.

Idaho Sublease Laws

Idaho Tenant/Landlord Laws dictate that tenants have the right to sublease their rental, as long as their original lease agreement doesn't specifically prohibit them from doing so.

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