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Washington Last Will and Testament: What Is It?

A Last Will and Testament allows its creator, the Testator, to lay out exactly what he or she wants to happen to belongings, assets, and property once they die. These documents can be upheld in court if any disagreements occur between beneficiaries. According to Washington law, these documents must be signed by two Witnesses and notarized by a Notary Public.

Washington Laws

Definition of Will - RCW 11.02.005(20)

Laws - Title 11 RCW (Probate and Trust Law)

Witnesses - According to RCW 11.12.020, the Will must be signed by two (2) witnesses.

How to Write a Washington Last Will and Testament

  • Basic Information about You
    • Name
    • City and County
    • Marital Status
  • Children, Pets, and Life Insurance
  • Inheritance Amounts for Children
  • Establishing a Trust
  • Establish Stipulations on Children’s Inheritance
  • Funeral Home Arrangements
  • Last Meal Wishes
  • Appoint the following as they pertain to you:
    • Executor
    • Trustee
    • Digital Executor
    • Guardian for Minor Children
    • Additional Beneficiaries
  • Identify Disinherited Persons
  • Provide Information on Your Witnesses

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