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What Is a Wyoming Month-to-Month Lease Agreement?

A Wyoming month-to-month lease agreement is a legal agreement between the landlord and renter. Similar to a one-year lease agreement, a monthly rental agreement only requires the commitment of one month at a time for tenancy. It renews each month unless one of the parties provides written notice to the other party to terminate the lease and move out of the property. Therefore, it is fair to say that this type of lease agreement can be a short-term agreement. Also similar to yearly rental agreements, month-to-month agreements include pertinent information such as monthly rent amount, rent due dates, late fees, parking, and information about the security deposit. It also explains what happens in the event of an eviction as well as lease termination information, such as whether the tenant is responsible for the upkeep of common areas.

What Laws Apply to Wyoming Month-to-Month Leases?

Wyoming does not have state laws that specifically apply to month-to-month leases. However, there are landlord-tenant laws that govern the use of security deposits. For example, the landlord must provide written notice of any amount of the security deposit that is considered non-refundable under Wyo. Stat. § 1-21-1207. Deductions made to the security deposit when lease termination may be applied to nonpayment of rent, damage to the property beyond reasonable wear and tear, costs to clean the rental property, or any other costs mentioned in the Wyoming rental agreement under Wyo. Stat § 1-21-1208. The return of the security deposit must occur within 30 days of lease termination or eviction or within 15 days of the tenant providing the landlord of their new mailing address, whichever is longer according to Wyo. Stat. § 1-21-1208.

Because there are no Wyoming laws that apply specifically to residential lease agreements that last month to month, the landlord and tenant involved in the agreement should discuss subletting. Any agreement should be reduced to writing so that no misunderstandings occur.

Terminating a Month-to-Month Lease in Wyoming

There are no landlord tenants laws that designate how a month-to-month lease termination notice must take place in Wyoming. However, it is most common to terminate a month-to-month rental agreement of this nature to include at least a 30 day written notice by either party wishing to end the agreement.

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