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Wyoming Month to Month Lease Agreement: What Is It?

In Wyoming, a month to month lease agreement is a legal document that allows landlords to set up an at-will tenancy with a renter. A month to month lease agreement is just like a yearlong lease agreement, except the lease only requires a commitment of one month at a time and renews at the beginning of each month until either the landlord or the tenant terminates the lease in writing. These types of agreements are ideal for tenants who relocate often or work contracted jobs. Also similar to long term agreements, month to month lease agreements have much of the same language laying out important lease information such as rent due dates, late fees, parking, and the various rules of tenancy. Once the tenant or landlord wants to terminate the lease, a termination letter will suffice as the official notice to ending the agreement (so long as the notice is delivered with sufficient notice as defined by law).

Wyoming Month to Month Lease Laws - § 704.19

Minimum Termination Period - 28 Days

According to Wyoming tenant law, anyone who wishes to terminate a tenancy at will, or month to month lease must do so with at least 28 days notice. In addition, this notice must be submitted to the other party in writing.

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