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Wyoming Rental Application: What Is It?

A rental application in Wyoming allows landlords to find the most suitable tenant for their rental property or apartment in a fair, and organized way. These documents request personal information that reveal the applicant’s financial, credit, and criminal history that allow the landlord or property manager to make a well-informed decision as to which applicant is the most suitable. When submitting an application with a landlord, the applicant is generally charged a fee that ranges between $25 and $75, but in some cases, can be higher.

Wyoming Security Deposit Laws

Although the state of Wyoming has no laws that dictate how high a landlord may set a security deposit, applicants are encouraged to check their local city and county laws. However, the laws does say that a landlord must return a tenant's security deposit within 30 days if no deductions or charges will be deducted. If the landlord must deduct fees from the deposit, he or she is given an additional 30 days, totaling 60 (Wyoming Statutes § § 1-21-1207 and 1-21-1208).

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