The Wyoming Rental Application Process

As a tenant screening process, a rental application form requests personal information that reveals the potential tenant's financial, credit, and criminal history that allows the landlord or property manager to make a well-informed decision about which applicant is the most suitable.

A landlord generally charges a fee that ranges between $25 and $75, but it can be higher in some cases. A rental application must comply with both federal fair housing laws and Wyoming landlord-tenant laws.

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A Sample Wyoming Rental Application with Examples for Each Step

As a property owner, a rental application form is an essential document because it helps you avoid nonpayment of rent and choose a renter who will take care of your rental property. To create a rental application that captures the proper information, you need:

  • A section to collect the applicant's personal information. Obtain their full legal name, date of birth, social security number, cell phone number, work phone number, email address, and emergency contact information.
  • A section that collects the applicant's rental history, starting with their current rental property address. Include the length of time the applicant has lived at the address, the amount of monthly rent paid, and the name and phone number of the landlord. Then, include additional space to collect previous rental history and the name and contact information for prior landlords.
  • A section that collects the applicant's employment history, starting with their current employer. This section should include the employer’s name and address, how long the applicant has worked for the employer, the applicant's job title, the name of the applicant's supervisor, and the phone number for the supervisor or human resources. Then, include additional spaces for previous employment history.
  • Ask the applicant to disclose each income source they have, the type of income source it is (such as a paycheck), how often they receive it, and the amount of each. Request the applicant to disclose each checking and savings account they hold in their name and the name of each financial institution that manages each account.
  • Collect information about how many vehicles the applicant owns and a description of each vehicle. The vehicle description should include the vehicle's year, make, model, color, and license plate number.
  • Request the name and age of everyone who will reside with the applicant in the residential rental property.
  • Ask the applicant if they own pets, how many pets, the type of pets, and their size.
  • A section for the authorization that allows you to run a background check and credit check. You can only run those checks if the potential tenant signs the rental application.
  • A signature line and a space for the date.

Rental Application Resources for Tenants in Wyoming

Renters in Wyoming are involved in a legal contract. Many renters feel as if they have no power. However, Wyoming law does provide renters with rights. Here are some valuable links to help you better understand your rights:

  • Equal Justice Wyoming offers free information about eviction, how renters can request repairs, security deposits, and fair housing.
  • Jackson / Teton County's website provides a web page devoted to your rights as a renter, habitable living conditions, information about security deposits, information for domestic violence victims, and information about evictions.
  • Legal Aid of Wyoming provides free legal help to low-income individuals involved in landlord-tenant issues.
  • University of Wyoming College of Law offers a civil law clinic. Law students provide legal representation of low-income individuals who have landlord-tenant and housing problems.
  • The Wyoming State Bar provides a web page of legal resources.

Wyoming Rental Application Laws

Although the state of Wyoming has no laws that dictate how high a landlord may set a security deposit, applicants are encouraged to check their local city and county laws. However, the laws say that a landlord must return a tenant's security deposit within 30 days if no deductions or charges will be deducted. If the landlord must deduct fees from the deposit, they are given an additional 30 days, totaling 60 (Wyoming Statutes § § 1-21-1207 and 1-21-1208).

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