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Wyoming Eviction Notice: What Is It?

A Wyoming eviction notice is a written notice from the landlord that informs the tenant that they’ve violated the rental agreement or lease agreement in some way. It is the first thing a landlord must do if they wish to legally evict the tenant. The tenant is given a certain number of days under state law to either correct the problem or vacate the property. If the tenant doesn’t comply at the end of the notice period, the landlord may then file an eviction lawsuit. Wyoming eviction notices, also known as a notice to cure or quit, must adhere to the state’s landlord-tenant laws as well as federal housing laws.

What Are the Components of a Wyoming Eviction Notice?

Because a Wyoming eviction notice is the first step in the eviction process, the document itself should provide key information:

  • The date the notice was created.
  • The name of the tenant or tenants who signed the lease agreement or rental agreement.
  • The address of the rental property, including the county where the property is located.
  • The reason for the eviction notice.
  • The date by which the tenant must correct the problem or leave the property.
  • The name and contact information for the landlord or their authorized agent; don’t forget to add a phone number the tenant can use to contact you.
  • The signature of the landlord or their agent.

You should also create another document known as a Certificate of Service. This document lists the date that service happened, the name of the person who was served, how service occurred, and has the signature of the person who served the eviction notice. Service can either be done by personally serving the tenant or posting the eviction notice somewhere on the property where the tenant will see it, such as the front door.

3-Day Notice to Cure or Quit

In Wyoming, all reasons for eviction (such as non-payment of rent or another lease violation) receive a 3-day notice to cure or quit. Governed by § 1-21-1003, the tenant receives three days to correct the problem or leave the property. Although this notice is used for all evictions, it is helpful for the tenant and for the records kept by the landlord to ensure that the notice includes sufficient details on why it was issued.

What Are the Legal Considerations of a Wyoming Eviction Notice?

Although there is just one sort of eviction notice used in Wyoming, it is important that it is properly served. The landlord must wait the three days to see whether the tenant will comply. If they fail to comply, the landlord may file an eviction lawsuit.

It is illegal for the landlord to:

  • Lock out the tenant, change the locks, shut off the utilities, or dispose of the tenant’s belongings without a court order
  • Evict the tenant for reporting code violations or inhabitable conditions
  • Evict the tenant because of their family status, religion, gender, disability, nationality, race, or skin color

If the landlord uses an illegal eviction method, they can be sued by the tenant. The court may award the tenant financial compensation and fine the landlord for violating state and / or federal law.

Eviction Information for Wyoming Tenants

Tenants have rights in Wyoming even during the eviction process. To learn more about your rights, visit this page provided by the University of Wyoming. Receiving an eviction notice can be scary. Read it carefully so that you understand what you need to do if you wish to remain on the property. Regardless of the reason that the eviction notice is issued, you only have three days to comply or vacate the property. If you have questions, contact your landlord.

In the previous section, we discussed illegal eviction. If you believe that you were evicted illegally, contact a landlord-tenant lawyer. If you have a valid claim, they can advise you on what to do next. You can also contact legal aid.

Eviction Information for Wyoming Landlords

There is only one eviction notice used in the Wyoming eviction process. It gives the tenant three days to comply or vacate the property. If, after that time, the tenant doesn’t comply (including leaving the property), the landlord may file an eviction lawsuit. Unless the landlord has a court order, they may not change the locks, disconnect the utilities, or dispose of the tenant’s belongings. It is illegal to do that without a court order. Retaliatory eviction or evicting a tenant for one or more of the seven protected traits listed in The Fair Housing Act is also illegal. Landlords may be sued if they use an illegal eviction method. Landlords can learn more about their rights and obligations by making an appointment with a landlord-tenant attorney in the county where the property is located.

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