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What Is a North Dakota Month-to-Month Lease Agreement?

A North Dakota month-to-month lease agreement is a monthly rental agreement between a tenant and landlord. It is a short-term tenancy arrangement that renews at the beginning of each month. However, it can be highly beneficial to both parties. A month-to-month rental agreement can be ended quickly, or it can be extended on an indefinite basis if it works out well.

A monthly rental agreement must comply with North Dakota landlord-tenant laws. It should contain the same provisions as a fixed-term lease, including:

  • The amount of the monthly rent and when it is due
  • Late fees if the rent is not paid on time by the renter and if there is a grace period
  • Rent increases
  • Occupancy information for the rental property
  • Whether the renter is responsible for caring for common areas
  • Parking policy
  • Pet policy and pet deposit
  • Whether subletting is allowed
  • The notice period for lease termination
  • How to deliver written notices
  • Information regarding eviction

What Laws Apply to North Dakota Month-to-Month Lease Agreements?

Chapter 47-16 of the North Dakota Century Code governs month-to-month lease agreements. Security deposits must be kept in an interest-bearing account that is FDIC insured. The landlord must return the security deposit and the interest to the tenant upon lease termination. According to 47-16-07.1, the security deposit may not be more than two months’ rent if the prospective tenant is convicted of a felony or has violated a previous residential lease agreement. A pet security deposit of up to two months’ rent may also be charged but may not be more than $2,500. The landlord may apply the security deposit toward unpaid rent, damage to the property that is determined to exceed normal wear and tear, or reasonable cleaning costs to bring the condition of the premises back to rentable condition. Any costs deducted must be itemized and given to the tenant with a written notice within 30 days of the lease termination.  

Landlords and property managers should understand the state laws and federal laws related to rental real estate before leasing it to tenants. Otherwise, they should seek legal advice to understand better how a month-to-month tenancy operates.

Terminating a North Dakota Month-to-Month Lease Agreement

Under § 47-16-07.2, the notice period for a lease termination is 30 days. It must be a written notice regardless of which party wishes to end the lease.

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