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Vermont Sublease Agreement: What Is It?

In Vermont, a sublease agreement is a legal document that lays out the official agreement between two tenants. In this agreement, the original signor of a lease finds a “replacement” while he or she will be absent from the rental. This period of time generally is not for days or weeks, but rather for months. Choosing to sublease an apartment or rental property is easier and more cost-effective than breaking a lease or paying rent in two places. Subleasing an apartment or rental property will still fulfill the original tenant’s obligations to pay the rent, all while allowing him or her to relocate or live elsewhere. Although the original tenant may be absent from the rental for an extended period of time, he or she will still remain responsible for rent being paid on time. If the sublessee fails to pay rent, damages the unit, or abandons the property, the original tenant will be held responsible that any damages or missed rent payments that the landlord incurs.

Vermont Sublease Laws

According to Vermont’s Tenant and Landlord Laws, a tenant must receive written permission from the landlord in order to continue with a sublease agreement. Even though a tenant must request written permission from the landlord, the landlord may not unreasonably refuse a sublease request.

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