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What Is a Vermont Rental Application?

A rental application form is a document that asks personal questions of a potential tenant that helps give the landlord a better insight into who a person is and how responsible a tenant they will be for a specific rental property.

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The Vermont Rental Application Process

These documents uniformly collect information from all applicants and ask personal questions that reveal the applicant’s past. Rental history, criminal history, and income are just a few of the details that a rental application reveals.

Generally, landlords and property managers use the information collected to perform a background check and credit check to screen potential tenants. However, application forms must comply with federal laws and Vermont landlord-tenant laws to ensure that everyone is treated equally and not subject to discrimination because of their familial status, gender identity, religion, or other factors.

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A Sample Vermont Rental Application with Examples for Each Step

Since a rental application is a tool used to screen potential tenants before entering into a rental agreement with them, the form must collect the right information for you to determine if they are a good risk. The rental application should include:

  • A section to obtain the applicant's personal information. Include their full legal name, date of birth, social security number, cell phone number, work phone number, email address, and emergency contact information.
  • A section to collect the applicant's rental history. Start with their current full address, how long they've lived there, the amount of monthly rent paid, and the name and contact information for their current landlord. Include additional space for previous rental history and the name and contact information of prior landlords.
  • A section to collect the applicant's employment history, starting with their current employer. Include the employer's name, address, the applicant's job title, how long the applicant has worked for the employer, the applicant's supervisor’s name, and the phone number for the supervisor or the human resources department. Include additional spaces to collect previous employment history.
  • Next, request the disclosure of each income source, the type of income source (for example, paycheck), how often each income source is received, and the amount of each. Then, request the disclosure of each checking and savings account and the name of the bank or credit union that manages each.
  • A section that lists how many vehicles the applicant owns as well as a description of each vehicle. The vehicle description should include the year, make, model, color, and license plate number.
  • Request the name and age of each person who will live on the property with the applicant.
  • Ask whether the applicant owns pets, the number of pets, the type, and the size.
  • A section with the authorization for the background check and credit check. You cannot run these checks unless the applicant signs the rental application form. This section is also ideal for reminding the applicant that the fee they paid is nonrefundable.
  • A signature line and a blank space for the date.

Rental Application Resources for Tenants in Vermont

If you're a renter in Vermont, you're involved in a legal contract. Many renters feel as if they do not have as many rights as the landlord or any rights at all. However, Vermont landlord-tenant law does give renters certain rights. Here are some helpful links:

Vermont Laws Rental Application Laws

The State of Vermont has no law that caps how much landlords may charge for a security deposit. However, the law indicates that a landlord must return the tenant’s deposit within 14 days of their lease ending and moving out of the rental property.

Vermont Statutes Annotated Title 9 § 4461

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