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Hawaii Quit Claim Deed: What Is It?

A Hawaii quit claim deed is a legal document that transfers the interest of a piece of real estate from the seller (the Grantor) to the buyer (Grantee). Differing from a warranty deed which provides a warranty or guarantees that the property has a clear title, a quit claim deed only guarantees that the Grantor will not return at a later date to claim an interest on the property. These types of transfers are often used when a property is transferred between family members, however, regardless of the instance, a title search should always be implemented when buying or transferring a property.

Hawaii Quit Claim Laws - Title 28, Chapter 502 of the Hawaii Revised Statutes

In Hawaii, quit claim deeds must be signed by the Grantor in the presence of a Notary Public (§ 502-41). Once the quit claim deed is signed and notarized, it must be filed with the Bureau of Conveyance along with the proper filing fees.

Here is a tool to help you estimate the cost of your recording fees in the state of Hawaii.

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