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Kansas Rental Application: What Is It?

In Kansas, a rental application is a document that landlords use to screen and vet applicants for rental property. This document allows landlords to collect information from all applicants in a uniform and organized manner and choose the most ideal candidate. A rental application in Kansas gives landlords an in-depth look into an applicants finances, residential history, income, and other telling details that will help the landlord make the most well-informed decision on a tenant. A rental application has benefits for the applicant as well. Rental applications must adhere to federal fair housing laws, which means that the applicant is protected from housing discrimination from the landlord.

Kansas Security Deposit Laws

In Kansas, a landlord may not demand more than the equivalent of one (1) month’s rent for unfurnished rentals, and more than one and a half (1.5) months rent for furnished rentals. However, if a tenant has pets, the landlord may require an additional one and a half (1.5) month’s rent for a deposit. Once the tenant’s lease ends or is terminated, the landlord must return the deposit within 30 days (Kan. Stat. Ann. §§ 58-2550, 58-2548).

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