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Personal Legal Forms

FormSwift offers many free legal documents for personal use. Personal forms typically do not involve more than two or three parties. These forms may be used to secure a transaction involving products or services, to set up a contract to protect a party from dispute, or to make a formal legal request.

Small Business Legal Forms

Small business legal forms are offered at FormSwift, including confidentiality agreements, bills of sales, service contracts, and loan agreements. Small business forms may involve two or more parties, and they should always include as much information as possible about the small business that is either being created or already exists. These legal documents can help a small business set up their new endeavor, whether it is purchasing real estate, setting up employee or contractor contracts, or acquiring loans. They are also useful for established small businesses that are performing important transactions.

Real Estate Legal Forms

Many of the free legal documents on FormSwift are related to real estate. These forms include property purchase agreements, deed contracts, leasing options, and mortgage transfers. These real estate forms are relevant to individuals, small businesses, and large companies. They may be used when purchasing a home or business locations, when transferring a deed from one party to another, or when finding funding for a real estate transaction.

Tax Forms

FormSwift also offers a complete suite of tax forms for businesses, including w2, 1099-misc, 1099-int, w9, and pay stubs. These tax forms can be filled out with our easy to use pdf editor, and are updated to the latest version ever year. FormSwift subscribers can also use our PDF editor tool to upload and edit their own documents with a single click. So far, more than 10 million documents have been created on FormSwift.

Free Resources

Whether you’re looking to optimize your business or download free legal forms, we have something useful for you. Make sure to check back for new features, and tell us what you’d like to see!

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Comprehensive guide to understanding SWOT analysis and how to conduct one for your business.

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FormSwift Scholarship Program

Create a business plan infographic to both pay for tuition and prove your own startup savvy.

Lesson Plans Hub

Customizable lesson plan templates for a math, science, and language arts class.

Free Legal Forms Library

Easily customize, sign, and download popular business, legal, and personal forms.

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Exemplary business plans submitted to the Scholarship Program in previous years (by previous students).

1099 Form Guide

In-depth review of what the IRS 1099 Form is and how it is used by both contractor and employer.

Email Signature Tool

Create a professional-looking email signature for your educational, business, or personal email account.