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1098 T

A 1098-T Form is a tax form used by students to list the amount of tuition for classes, books, fees, and other school related expenses they paid during the tax year. This documents helps determine whether or not the student is eligible for certain benefits such as a Hope Credit, or Lifetime Learning Credit.

1099 Int

A 1099-int is a U.S tax document sent to the Internal Revenue Services to report all interest earned during the year. According to federal law, interest greater than $10 must be reported to the IRS.

1099 R

A 1099-R is a form filed with the IRS to report distributions given out from pensions, IRAs and annuities throughout the tax year.

1099 S

A 1099-S form is a document that an individual will file with the IRS if they have purchased real estate throughout the tax year. This can include land, apartments, condos, townhouses and more.

30 60 90 Day Plan

A 30-60-90 day plan is a written plan that job seekers often use to show employers their projected achievements in 30, 60, and 90 days.

Articles Of Incorporation

Also known by names like Articles of Association, Articles of Organization, or a Certificate of Incorporation, Articles of Incorporation are formal documents that establish the creation and management of a corporation. These documents are written and filed with the appropriate governmental agencies in order to have the proper records on file.

Bibliography Apa

An APA bibliography is a document that sites the works used in a research paper or essay in the proper format. This bibliography is double spaced with the citations alphabetized by the author’s last name.

Bill Of Lading

A bill of lading is a document that itemizes the list of goods being shipped from a seller to a buyer. This document acts as a transport document, ensuring that the full shipment of goods are accounted for when they are received by the recipient.

Birth Certificate Request

A birth certificate request is a document that formally requests someones birth certificate from a hospital, state, or other government entity.

Caregiver Contract

A caregiver contract, sometimes referred to as a personal care agreement, is an agreement that lays out the responsibilities and expectations of a caregiver, expectations from the family, the scope of work, as well as payment details. Caregivers often tend to sick, elderly, and incapacitated individuals, and a caregiver so a contract may be between a caregiver and the medical power of attorney.

Cbp Form 6059b

Also known as a Customs Declaration Form, CBP-Form-6059b is used by the U.S Department of Homeland Security to keep a record of all items a person is bringing into the United States when they arrive. This document asks about agriculture, soil, live animals, plants, and other items that may be brought in the U.S.

Certificate Of Incumbency

A certificate of incumbency is used by a company to identify important people. This includes company shareholders and directors. The certificate will be proof that these individuals can sign legal documents for the company. It serves as a way protect all parties involved in a transaction.

Cohabitation Agreement

A cohabitation agreement is a contract between two individuals who intend to live together. These agreements will detail certain responsibilities such as who will pay what bills, and who will retain assets, etc.

Complaint Letter

A complaint letter is a letter that a consumer or customer will write to the manager or owner of a company to express their dissatisfaction about recent service or product experience. These letters work to not only notify a company about an issue that needs to be a addressed, but also to move them to rectify the situation.

Consignment Agreement

A consignment agreement is a contract between the person storing and selling the item (the consignee), and the person who owns the item (the consignor). This agreement details the terms of the contract, such as the commission that the consignee will earn, where the item will be stored, and etc.

Consignment Contract

A consignment contract is an agreement between a consigner, one who owns an item, and a consignee, one who will store and sell the item. The contract provides details on both parties, such as contact information, as well as information on the transaction. Transaction details should specify information such as where the item or items will be stored, what will happen to unsold items, and the fee charged or each sold item.

Construction Change Order

A construction change order is a written legal document that amends and changes an existing construction agreement between a contractor and a client. This change documents the alteration from the original agreement and ensures that both parties are on the same page.

Construction Contract

A construction contract is used for various construction projects. This could be for building a home or a home addition. The contract will list the construction services being provided, as well as the payment amount. It protects both parties in case of service problems or disputes.

Consulting Agreement

A consulting agreement is a legal document formed between a client and a consultant. The agreement will protect both party's interests during a transaction. The document should list the consulting services being traded. It also will detail the payment for these services.

Contract For Deed

A contract for deed is a legal contract that is used between the buyer and seller of a home when the seller does not qualify for a traditional mortgage loan. In this contract, the seller acts as the mortgage company, allowing the buyer to make payments. During this process, the home remains in the sellers name.

Corporate Bylaws

Corporate bylaws are a set of rules or company laws that a company or business will set to ensure that everyone understands what is expected of them and how the company will be operated.

Corporate Minutes

Corporate minutes are used to document the time spent in corporate and professional meetings in order to retain their legal status.

Corporate Resolution

A corporate resolution is essentially a decision that a company makes that is recorded in the form of a legal document. Companies usually vote on a resolution before the decision is drafted and recorded, but these documents can cover anything from company policies to legal actions taken to comply with federal or state law.

Corrective Action

Corrective action is the means of a company addressing an undesirable problem in a professional and appropriate manner, and providing an action plan to ensure that the situation does not happen again. These action plans may include company wide policy changes, or further employee training.

Da 31

Form DA-31 is a document used by the Department of the United States Army that an officer will use if he or she wants to request leave. This form is used for both personal leave such as vacation or urgent situations, such as family emergencies.

Da 4856

Form DA-4856 is a document used by the Department of the United States Army to document counseling sessions given to military personnel by certified counselors.

Da 638

A DA-638 is a form used by the U.S Army to recommend a certain soldier for an award. This document is generally filled out by someone that the recommended soldier knows, such as a superior, colleague, or other solider who witnessed the soldier’s heroic act of valor or courage. This document provides space to explain the act the soldier displayed, his or her personal information, and the award being recommended.

Da Form 2404

DA-Form-2404 is a form used by the U.S Army to keep a record of inspections done on Army equipment.

Da Form 2823

Also known as a sworn statement, Form DA-2823 is a document used by the Department of the United States Army that legally documents a statement from military personnel in relation to a criminal matter that occurred within the Army.

Da Form 3349

DA-Form-3349 is a form implemented by the U.S Army to keep a record of a soldier’s physical fitness profile. This document includes the stats of the soldier’s previous tests, including pushup test, 2-mile run, and other physical tests.

Da Form 3433 1

A DA-Form-3433-1 is a document used by the U.S Army. This form is used by individuals who are looking to enlist in the army, and members of the armed forces who are looking to apply for a different position.

Da Form 3595 R

A DA-Form-3595-R is a form used by the U.S Army to keep score of a soldier’s shooting ability with different firing arms and shooting scenarios. This form records hits, misses, and no-fires during various exams.

Da Form 3749

DA-Form-3749 is a form used by the U.S Army that acts as an equipment receipt for equipment issued to a unit. This document records the stock number of the equipment being assigned to the unit, as well as the specific unit.

Da Form 4187

DA-Form-4187 is used by the U.S Army to request personnel action on their own behalf. Known as a Personnel Action Form, a solider may use this form to request training, more rations, reassignments and other things that require action from personnel.

Da Form 5513

DA-Form-5513 is a form used by the U.S Army to record key control number of a certain unit. This document is also known as a Key Control Register and Inventory Form.

Da Form 67 9 1

Form 67-9-1, also known as an Officer Evaluation Report Support Form, is a document used by the United States Department of the Army to report the evaluation of an Army officer. The form lists the information of the first, intermediate and senior raters as well as verifies that the officer received a face to face discussion about his or her evaluation and job counseling.

Da Form 705

DA-Form-705 is known as the U.S Army’s physical fitness test scorecard. Used to document a soldier’s physical fitness test scores, this document contains recent scores as well as physical stats, such as height, weight, age and body fat.

Dd Form 1172 2

DD-Form-1172-2 is a document used by a U.S Department of Defense employee to enroll their spouse or child into the Defense Enrollment and Eligibility Reporting System, or DEERS.

Dd Form 1351 2

DD-Form-1351-2 is a form used by the U.S Department of Defense to determine work related travel costs for government employees.

Dd Form 1750

DD-Form-2823 is a form used by the United States Department of Defense to organize and keep track of certain items being shipped.

Dd Form 1970

DD-Form-1970 is a form more commonly known as a Motor Equipment Utilization Record and is used by the Department of Defense to keep track of who has possession of a government owned vehicle. This form records the person’s name who has possession of the vehicle, the vehicle information, along with the date, time and mileage surrounding their time with the vehicle.

Dd Form 200

A DD-Form-200 is used by the Department of Defense and is used to keep track of the facts and happenings that pertain to damaged or losses property belonging to the department of defense.

Dd Form 2875

DD-Form-2875 is used by the Department of Defense to validate the trustworthiness of individuals requesting access to their systems and information.

Dd Form 362

DD-Form-362, also known as a Statement of Charges or Cash Collection Voucher, is a document that aids the Department of Defense in keeping an organized record of purchases that involve certain stock and goods.

Death Certificate Request

A death certificate is a document that one would use to request the death certificate of a deceased loved one or relative. These documents are often needed to claim benefits such as life insurance, and handle affairs with financial institutions and creditors.

Decision Tree

A flow chart is an organizational diagram that works to map out a sequence of events. These provide a visual reference to help map out anything from a simple series of events to a complex web of happenings and factors.

Deed In Lieu

A deed in lieu is a document used when a person voluntarily surrenders their home to a lender in exchange for the cancellation of their loan. This document is used by homeowners who have defaulted on their loan and are trying to avoid foreclosure.

Deed Of Trust

A deed of trust is a document used to transfer property in real estate transactions. Typically this document includes three parties: the borrower, the lender, and the trustee. This type of document may also be used in place of a mortgage to transfer property and initiate financing.

Divorce Settlement Agreement

A divorce settlement agreement is an agreement between two individual who are in the process of getting a divorce. This document lays out how assets, property, bank accounts, and other belongings will be divided.

Donation Request Letter

A donation request letter is a document used by charities and nonprofit organizations who seek funding for a particular cause. These letters are often light-hearted requests that detail why the funds are needed, and what will be done with the received money.

Ds 11

Form DS-11 is used by individuals applying for a U.S passport for the first time. This form collects information about the applicant, such as their name, date, and place of birth, and current address, but also requires other documents such as a birth certificate, driver’s license, or social security card.

Ds 82

A DS-Form-82 is a form that a person uses to renew their U.S Passport by mail rather than online. With this application, the applicant must submit his or her valid, or soon expiring passport, along with a new passport photo in order for the application to be processed.

Employee Evaluation Form

An employee evaluation form is a document commonly used by companies and businesses to rate and evaluate an employee’s performance in an organized fashion. These forms evaluate the different attributes of an employee in respect to their job. These evaluations usually include timelines, punctuality, communication, and other values.

Employment Certification Letter

Also known as an employment verification letter, an employment certification letter proves that a particular person is employed with a particular employer. These letters are often needed by landlords or financial institutions.

Employment Offer Letter

An employment offer letter is a letter that a company or business will use to confirm that they have officially offered an individual a job. These letters often describe salary, job title, start date, and insurance information.

End User Licensing Agreement

An end user licensing agreement is a document that licensor creates that contains terms that the purchaser must agree to before using the software or product. These agreements come in many forms, but should always include information about product or software, the parameters that the customer may use the software or product, and any other relevant disclaimers.

Event Planner Contract

An event planner contract is a written agreement between an event planner and a client who is using the planner’s services. This contract works to protect the interest of both the planner as well as the client to ensure that the proper services are provided, and that the event planned is compensated according to the agreement. This contract generally includes important information such as scope of work, food services, any audio/visual equipment and any other services or amenities that the event will include.

Executor Of Estate

The executor of an estate is an appointed individual named in a will, who is responsible for distributing the assets, property, and debts of the testator.

Exit Interview

An exit interview is a meeting with an employee at the end of his or her employment. This interview takes feedback from the employee, such as why he or she is leaving, and the pros and cons of working in their position. This information helps companies reduce further employee turnover.

Fax Cover Sheet V2

A fax cover sheet is a letter that is sent along with a faxed document to explain what the document is, and who it is intended for.

Finders Fee Agreement

A finders fee agreement is a contract between two parties, oftentimes between a company and a “finder”. Companies will use this agreement to pay a finder, who can be an employee or a contractor, a certain amount or percentage for supplying them a list of contacts or potential clients. This contract will detail the commission or fee that the finder will receive, as well as the pertinent terms and parameters involved.

Form 1096

Form-1096 is a document that tax exempt organizations file to the Internal Revenue Services to report the sum of money the company has raised or earned through the year.

Form 3949 A

Form 3949-is a document, commonly known as an Informational Referral that citizens use to report suspected tax fraud by an individual or business.

Form Ssa 11 Bk

Form SSA-11-BK is a form used by the Social Security Office. This form is used when a individual wishes to be named as a payee on behalf of another payee. This form collects personal information such as an individuals name, contact information and social security number, in addition to a a face-to-face interview to be considered.

Form Ssa 454 Bk

Form SSA-454-BK is a document issued by the Social Security Administration Office and is used to determine whether or not an individual is eligible to continue receiving social security disability benefits.

Form Ssa 795

Form SSA-795 is a document used by the Social Security Administration where a third party will provide a statement about an applicant's wages. This information is used to verify the applicants income or salary.

Form Tsp 3

Form TSP-3 is a document that federal employees use to designate a beneficiary for a Thrift Savings Plan. These forms allow a government employee to assign their savings benefits to their family members and loved ones should they pass away.

Form W 3

Also known as a Transmittal of Wage and Tax Statements, a W-3 is often filed alongside a W-2 and includes an individual’s wages for the year, including their tips, social security income, and Medicare income.


A genogram, more commonly known as a flowchart, is a document that provide an organized visual to document a series of events.

Grant Deed

A grant deed is a real estate related form that protects both parties, the buyer and the seller by ensuring that a property truly belongs to the owner, and is not legally in possession by someone else. This document also ensures that there are no restrictions, such as unpaid taxes on the property.

Hcfa 1500

An HCFA-1500 is a document used in regards to healthcare claims. These forms are generally used to submit a bill or charge for health insurance coverage through Medicare, group health care and other types of insurance.

Health Care Proxy

A health care proxy is a legal document that allows an individual to specify who they would like to make healthcare decisions on their behalf should they become incapacitated in any way, and unable to make such decisions on their own.

Health Insurance Claim Form 1500

HCFA-Form-1500 is used by the Health Care Financing Administration to submit a bill for use of services, or file a claim for coverage for services provided. These forms not only specify information on the services provided, but also the injury or illness that prompted such treatment.

Hud 1

HUD-1 is a form that a real estate agent fills out and files with the Department of Housing and Urban Development when a client purchases or refinances a property. This document lists all the services and fees in relation to the purchase or refinance of the real estate at hand.

Id Card Blank Pdf For Pennsylvania

A Pennsylvania PDF for an identification card is a simple document that provides the necessary information for a person to receive an ID in the state of Pennsylvania. This form does not issue someone a Pennsylvania driver’s license, as that requires the passing of a driver’s test or already having a valid license.

Independent Contractor Agreement

An independent contractor agreement is an important agreement both for the independent contractor and the client. This contract not only clearly lays out the work that is to be done, but also how payments will be handled.

Invitation To Bid

An invitation to bid is a document that invites contractors, suppliers, and buyers to submit a formal proposal on a project, service, or property.


An invoice is used to list services or products that are being purchased by a buying party. In addition to services and products purchased, the invoice will include the individual and total prices for the order. Purchase orders and invoices can serve as a bill or reciept.

Irs 4506 T

Form 4506-t is a document used by the IRS that an individual fills out to request an official transcript of a previous tax return or other tax records.

Land Contract

A land contract is a legal real estate document that lays out a transaction between a buyer and seller where the seller provides financing to the buyer. The buyer then makes payments to the seller until the sales price has been paid in full.

Lease Cancellation Agreement

A lease cancellation agreement is a document used to cancel out a lease, and can be initiated by either the tenant or the landlord. This document allows either party to document their case on why the lease should be cancelled, while protecting their legal rights from the original agreement.

Letter Of Agreement

A letter of agreement is a document that shows that two parties have come to an agreement on a set of terms and conditions. This document is often used between and employer and an employee.

Letter Of Intent

A letter of intent is a legal document that declares someone’s intent in writing. Written in letter format, these documents express an individuals intent to do something such as clarifying terms of a business transaction, or making a purchase. These letters express an intention without entering into a formal agreement or contract.

Life Estate Deed

A deed of trust is a legal document used in real estate that transfers property. These documents often involve three parties, a borrower, a trustee, and a lender.

Mechanics Lien

A mechanic’s lien is a legal document that secures an interest in a property due to supplied labor or materials being added to the property. These services or materials must be paid for before the lien can be lifted.

Memorandum Of Understanding

A memorandum of understanding serves as a written record of two parties who agree to either do, or discontinue to do something moving forward. These documents are not legally binding but rather serve as the first step to entering a contract by stating mutual agreements in writing.

Month To Month Lease Agreement

A month to month lease agreement is a short term lease commonly used for temporary housing or college apartments that allow the lessee to rent the residence on a short term basis. These leases are also commonly used for long-term tenants who have lived in a rental for a number of years. These leases often renew automatically at the beginning of each month and often require a 30-day notice before being ended.

Mortgage Deed

A mortgage deed is a legal document that shows the transfer of a property to a lender as security for a loan or mortgage.

Name Change

A name change form is used by someone when they wish to change their name to something else. These forms vary from state to state but require information such as a marriage, birth, or divorce certificate to be proceed by governmental offices.

Nanny Contract

A nanny contract is a written agreement between the parent or guardian of a child and a nanny or nanny agency. This contract lays out expectations and job parameters of a nanny, house rules, as well as pay schedule.

Non Disclosure Agreement

A non-disclosure agreement is used to outline confidentiality agreements between two parties. This could be a company and a consultant or contractor. The agreement serves as a way to protect priveleged information. It will also detail penalties for breaking the agreement.

Non Profit Bylaws

Non-profit bylaws are a set of rules followed by non-profit organizations to prevent disorganization and corruption from its employees and staff members.

Notary Form

A notary form is a document employed by a notary public to notarize certain important documents. These forms are often used to notarize documents like living trusts, deeds, and affidavits.

Of 306

Form OF-306 is a document used by the federal government to gauge a potential employees eligibility into government programs.

Operating Agreement

An operating agreement is a document used by Limited Liability Companies that specifies the functions of a business, and how its profits and losses will be distributed.

Opm Form 71

An OPM-Form-71 is a document used by the United States Office of Personal Management. Government employees will use this form to obtain an approved leave of absence from work.

Organizational Chart

An organizational chart is an organized diagram that showed the organization of a company or business. These diagrams help provide a visual of how relative ranks and relationships are laid out within the company or with its partners.

Owner Financing

Owner financing is when a seller finances the purchase for his or her own property for a buyer, rather than the buyer getting a traditional mortgage loan. The legal document that is used for this type of transaction is called a Contract for Deed.

Partnership Agreement

A partnership agreement is an agreement pledged in writing between two individuals who plan to work together. This agreement spells out important details like the nature of the business, and the responsibilities of both parties. This agreement contains all important details of the relationship to avoid conflicts in the future.

Passport Application Form

A U.S Passport Application Form, formally known as form DS-11, is a document that a person submits to their state government to formally request a U.S Passport.

Pay Stub

A pay stub is a financial document that details important information about an employees pay. Paired with each paycheck, a pay stub details information such as year-to-date pay, current pay rate, amount paid during the current pay period, tax information, and other important information.

Performance Improvement Plan

A performance plan of improvement, also known as a PIP, that employers use to not only evaluate an employees performance, but also set goals to guide his or her performance toward improving.

Personal Training Contract

A personal training contract is a written agreement between a personal trainer and a client. These agreements typically detail the fee that the trainer will charge, the physical demands entailed as well as the risks of training. These agreements often include waivers, absolving the trainer from responsibility should the client suffer injury.

Petition For Divorce

A petition for divorce is a form that an individual files in court when they want to initiate the divorce process.

Photo Release Form

A photo release form is a legal document used to obtain permission and secure the likeness of a photo or image. Website, companies and organizations often employ a photo release to use a particular photo or image. The document must be signed by both the owner of the image and the party using the photo.

Prenuptial Agreement

A prenuptial agreement is a mutual agreement in writing between two individuals who plan to get married. The agreement will work to protect both parties, detailing what will happen to things like property, assets, and future earnings.

Privacy Policy

A privacy policy is used for companies and business, especially those with an online presence. It tells the users of their product or website what kind of personal information is being collected. It will also detail how the information is used by the company. A privacy policy protects both the company and the consumer.

Profit And Loss Statement

A profit and loss statement is a document that many company owners or financial officers use to gauge the financial status of a company within a period of time. Generally used every quarter, these financial documents help show where a company is growing, or where the company needs improvement. These documents are also used by companies to secure financial backing from investors or lenders.

Property Deed

A property deed is a document used to transfer property from one owner to the next. Typically used between a buyer and a seller, this document uses specific information to ensure that all ownership rights are legally transferred.

Provisional Patent Application

A provisional patent application is a document filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office that establishes an early filing date and gives a person “patent pending” status. This document does not provide a full patent unless the applicant files for a non-non-provisional patent within one year of filing the provisional patent.

Purchase Agreement

A purchase agreement is a legal document that specifies the details of a purchase transaction. This document may be legally binding and can be used in court should the details of the agreement be refuted or not followed by one of the parties involved.

Purchase Order

A purchase order is an official proposal that a buyer makes to a seller that serves as the initial step of the purchase process. These may be legally binding documents that hold the buyer to his or her obligations, provided that the seller complies with theirs.

Quit Claim Deed

A quitclaim deed is a document used in real estate to transfer the rights and ownership of a property. Typically used between a buyer and seller, these forms protect the new owner from the previous owner claiming any interest on the property.

Real Estate Purchase Agreement

A real estate purchase agreement is a legal document that records the transaction of a real estate purchase. This document includes the address and purchase price of the property, as well as the contact information for all parties involved.

Receipt Template

A receipt template is a form that businesses and companies use to serve as a record of purchase for a buyer or client. This form will include areas to specify the date and time of the transaction, including areas to describe the items purchased and the amount paid.

Release Of Liability

A release of liability for an indemnity agreement is a legal document used to protect a party from certain financial responsibilities. It can be used for a variety of different scenarios. It may be used by companies and organizations to protect themselves during risky transactions. The information needed for this form varies depending on the situation.

Rent Receipt

A rent receipt is a document that document that a landlord or property manager will give to a tenant to provide proof that he or she has paid rent. These receipts contain information like the amount and date paid, as well as the transaction period.

Request For Proposal

A request for proposal is a document that companies will use to ask for services such as technological upgrades, or other construction services.

Resignation Letter

A resignation letter is a written notice of an employees intention to leave the position in which he or she currently works. A letter of resignation allows an employee to leave on good terms (when given with at least a 2 week notice), and allows superiors and peers to make adjustments once hr or she leaves.


A resume is a formal document that a person uses to show employers, partners and peers his or her previous job titles, skills, accolades, and education.

Roofing Contract

A roofing contract is an agreement between a client and the roofing contractor that details exactly what work will be done, as well as how payment for services provided will be handled. This contract can also include confidentiality clauses, as well as the length of employment.

Roommate Agreement

A roommate agreement is a legal document between two people who intend to love together. The document lays out the responsibilities of each individual and work to prevent any disagreements in the future. For example, the document may detail that the rent is to be divided evenly, and who will pay for what utilities and services.

Schedule C Form 1040

A Schedule-C-Form-1040 is a document that is more commonly known as a Profit and Loss from Business form. This form is filled out by the owner or sole proprietor of a business to report profits from things like services provided, products sold, or commissions earned or losses/expenses from advertising costs, rent, wages, insurance, etc.

Schedule E Form 1040

A Schedule-E-Form-1040 is a U.S tax form used to report supplemental income. Taxpayers use this form to report supplemental income or loss from business activity. This form is used to report income or loss from outlets like rental property, royalties, trusts, etc.

Scope Of Work

A scope of work Is a document that plans out what work or duties will be performed under a certain contract or subcontract. This document is not a contact itself, but rather a document that details deadlines and specific tasks.

Security Deposit Return Letter

A security deposit return letter is a letter used by landlords to notify a tenant how much of their security deposit they will receive back once they move out. This letter helps document the tenants deposit, as well as any deductions that may be taken out.

Sf 15

An SF-15 Form is a document used by various federal agencies to verify a veterans eligibility for benefits. These forms may be used by the veteran, a spouse or a widow.

Ssa 561 U2

An SSA-561-U2 is known as a Request for Reconsideration, and is used by the Social Security Administration. This form allows someone who was previously denied benefits like disability or supplemental security to request to have the decision appealed bu the administration.

Statement Of Cash Flows

A statement of cash flows is a document that shows how much cash a business generates within a certain time period.

Statement Of Work

A statement of work, also known as an SOW, is a formal written document that details the specifics of a job that a vendor or contractor will be providing for a client.

Stock Certificate

A stock certificate is a legal document that certifies stock ownership. This document names the investor, the name of the corporation, and the number of shares that have been purchased.

Stock Repurchase Agreement

A stock repurchase agreement is a legal document that describes a transaction between a stock is being sold from one person or company to the next. This document covers every aspect of the transaction, including the price the stock was sold for, as well as who the new owner will be.


A T4, also known as a Statement of Remuneration Paid, is a tax slip used in Canada that is provided to an employee from his or her employer. This form includes all income earned from an employer throughout the year, including bonuses, vacation pay, commissions and etc.


A T4A form is a Canadian tax form and is often referred to as a Statement of Pension. These forms are used for individuals who have paid out more than $500 or if tax was withheld from any payment.

Tax Exempt Certificate

A tax exempt certificate is a document used by the IRS to grant a tax exemption status to non-profit or charitable organizations. Once the IRS grants a company or organization this form, they become exempt from paying certain income tax.

Tenancy At Will

A tenancy at will is a rental agreement between a landlord and tenant that can be terminated at any time. Rather than a traditional lease agreement, which usually carries a term of one year, a tenancy at will can be terminated at any time, by either party.

Term Sheet

A term sheet is a document used in business agreements that outlines the terms and conditions of a deal or agreement. Though not a legal document, this form is intended to record and highlight the important points an agreement.

Termination Letter

A termination letter is a document that an employer will give to an employee to notify them that their employment is being terminated. Information included in this letter may involve the reason why the employee is being terminated, when they will receive their last paycheck, and other pertinent information, such as whether or not they will receive severance pay.

Terms Of Service

A terms of service, or TOS, is used to let consumers know what the rules are when using a product. It is often used for websites and online forums. A terms of service agreement may be legally binding to both parties. It may require a signature or online confirmation of agreement.

Trampoline Waiver Form

A waiver is a legal document that an individual signs to surrender certain rights. There are various types of waivers, including damage waivers, liability waivers, procedural waivers and etc. A trampoline waiver is generally used by trampoline parks to absolve them from responsibility should one of their visitors get injured using their equipment or attractions.

Transcript Request Form

A transcript request is a forms submitted by a former student who wishes to receive an official copy of his or her transcripts. This document reveals detailed information about the student’s time at the school, including, courses taken, and grades received.

Va Form 10 2850c

VA-Form-10-2850c is a document used by Veterans Affairs and is used for individuals who are applying for associated health occupations who’s occupation is not listed on Form-2850s. Occupations include pharmacists, physician’s assistants, etc.

Va Form 21 0781

VA-Form-21-0781 is a document used by the Department of Veterans Affairs. This document details a veterans claim for support for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), and allows him or her to list information on the traumatic event.

Va Form 21 4138

VA-Form-21-4138 is a document issued by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, and is used by veterans to complete their claim for benefits. This letter collects the veteran’s name and social security number, along with a written statement that allows him or her to state why they should receive benefits.

Va Form 21 686c

VA Form-21-686c, also known as a Declaration of Status Dependents, is a document that works to ensure that a defendant is still eligible for benefits. This form requires personal information of family members that I’ll be need to be verified by the Department of Veteran Affairs.


A W2C Form, also known as a Corrected Wage and Tax Statement Form, is used by someone who has discovered an error in the process of filing their taxes.


A W4 is a tax related form that a newly hired employee fills out to instruct his or her employer on how much to withhold from his or her paycheck for taxes.

Warranty Deed

A warranty deed is a document that the seller of a home uses to prove that they hold the title to the property and they have the legal right to sell the home.

Will Amendment

A will amendment, also referred to as a codicil, is a legal document used for making changes to an existing will. These documents must not only conform to state standards, but the testator must be of sound mind when making these changes.

Cohabitation Agreement

A cohabitation agreement is used between people who are going to live together. This can include roommates or a common law relationship. It can detail how these two individuals will split the rent. It may also include other responsibilities.

Petition For Divorce

This is a standard petition for divorce

Prenuptial Agreement

A prenuptial agreement is used before a couple is married. It is used to protect each party's assets in the event of divorce. It can include clauses for personal property, finances, and real estate. A prenuptial agreement can also be used in civil unions or domestic partnerships.

Bill Of Sale

A bill of sale is used to transfer personal property. It could be an automobile, boat, or motorcycle. A bill of sale may be required to show ownership. It is needed to register a vehicle legally.

Cease And Desist Breach Of Contract Letter

A cease and desist letter is a formal legal document used to request that a certain activity be ceased. The letter will serve as a warning. Legal action may be persued if the conditions of the letter are not met. Copies of the letter should be saved by both parties.

Cease And Desist Copyright Infringement Letter

This is a cease and desist letter for copyright infringement

Employee Evaluation Form

An employee evaluation form is used to evaluate the performance of one of an employee. The evaluator can choose from a selection of criteria on which to evaluate performance.

Employee Handbook

An employee handbook details rules and expectations for employees at a company. It may include areas related to dress code, attendance, and job duties. The handbook ensures that employees are all on the same page when it comes to company policy. It can also serve to protect both the employer and employee by detailing how legal disputes will be handled.

Employment Contract

An employment contract serves as a legal document between an employer and an employee. It will detail job duties and expectations for the employee. It will also include the payment terms for the employee. Any insurance benefits, holiday time, and sick time benefits will be listed as well.

Employment Offer Letter

An employment offer letter, or job offer letter, is used by employers to tell a prospective employees that they have been selected for a position. This job offer letter can include details about the position such as benefits and pay.

Exit Interview

An exit interview is used to to learn more about the reason the employee is leaving and to help the company or organization improve and reduce employee turnover.

Performance Improvement Plan

A Performance Improvement Plan, also known as a PIP, is used by an employer to evaluate an employee's performance and set goals on how this performance can be improved.

Termination Letter

A notice of termination is a legal document used to inform somone that they are being terminated. This could be used for employment purposes. It could also be used in an academic setting. Details surrounding the termination will be needed.


A codicil is a legal document used to amend someone's will. It can make changes to the current will terms and conditions. It can also completely remove certain provisions in the will. A codicil is not used to create a new will.

Last Will And Testament

A last will and testament is what someone uses to dictate what happens to their estate after they pass away. It is a legal declaration. A will and testament can include both real estate and personal property. It will require a signature and a witness.

Medical Consent

A medical consent form is used by doctors and hospitals. It lets a patient give consent for having a medical procedure done. It may be also used to give consent for treatment. The form should detail the medical procudures and treatments and have a signature from the patient.

Lease Agreement

A lease agreement is used to give another party permission to use property. It is often used by landlords for apartments or offices. A lease agreement is a legal contract. Both parties are bound by its terms and conditions.

Mortgage Deed

A mortgage agreement, or mortgage deed, is a legal document showing ownership. This can be ownership of property or land. The deed shows who the owner is and also who the lender is. A mortgage deed is needed for transferring property as well.

Offer To Lease

An offer to lease is a legal document sent by a prospective tenant to a lessor. It will include the price being offered by the interested party. Any proposed terms should be included. The lessor can then make a counter offer to this original bid.

Quit Claim Deed

A quitclaim, or quit-claim deed, is related to property. It is used for the transfer of property from a grantor to a grantee. This type of transfer does not involve a warranty. It is often used to transfer property between family members.


An affidavit is a declaration made in writing. It is used when someone is giving an oral account of an event. The affidavit is used by the speaker to declare that the are giving true facts. It is a written oath that all the information given is true.

Letter Of Agreement

A letter of agreement is used to outline terms and conditions. These terms could be related to a contract or agreement. It will outline expectations of the services being rendered. It may also detail payment for these services.

Letter Of Intent

A letter of intent is a legal document used to declare intent. The intent could be to make a purchase, transfer property, or apply for a job. A letter of intent should be personalized for the situation. It needs to be written in a professional manner and signed.

Non Profit Bylaws

A bylaw is a rule or law used for regulation in a business setting. It may be used by a company or a corporation. Bylaws may be created by company founders and directors at the creation of the business. Many times a bylaw dictates how directors are elected and what power they have in the company.

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